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Before we met you our experiences of Case Managers hadn't been very positive and as your appointment was Case Manager No 4, I really didn't expect you to be as amazing as you were. Your approach to the situation made us feel that we were more than just another job. Be assured if anyone needed a Case Manager I would recommend you 100%. Thank you for proving that not all Case Managers are the same.

Kathie (Mother of son with Traumatic Brain Injury)

Sarah is a compassionate and empathetic Case Manager, showing the ability to bring together complex information and then formulate a clear way forwards, whilst keeping her client at the very centre of this plan. She brought a team together to provide the necessary input for her client, achieving optimal outcomes within some very complex dynamics and situations. Sarah continually offered support and encouragement to myself as a professional, thereby showing the ability to not only provide an excellent service to her clients but also to those that she appoints and brings together to work with her to achieve the best possible results.

Jane McKinnon. (Clinical Specialist Occupational Therapist. Access to Rehab.)

She is a very understanding and supportive Case Manager who is very good at her job. She appreciates that every head injury is different and works with the client and not just the diagnosis/injury.

Becki (Client with brain injury)

I have a very complex and challenging condition and my Case Manager has taken the trouble to understand this. I can rely on her for some cheerful words if I am feeling down and I know that she is always there when I need her.

Paul (Client with complex regional pain syndrome)

I have known Sarah in a professional capacity since approximately 2006. Sarah at that time was working for the Traumatic Brain Injury Service covering Bedfordshire. I was very impressed with her professionalism and her genuine enthusiasm for providing support to brain injury survivors.

When Sarah took the decision to move in to Case Management, I had no hesitation in engaging her to provide Case Management services. She has so far worked with three of my brain injured clients.

Sarah has had some very challenging issues of differing varieties to contend with and has handled them all in a way which is both highly professional and at the same time sympathetic. I have always felt extremely well supported by Sarah and know that when I engage her on behalf of a client, I can trust in her to manage day to day matters and advise me on more complex matters to bring about an effective solution.

Barbara Woodbridge, Solicitor Millgate Woodbridge Limited